Our Story

Capri Parts USA was founded in San Jose, CA by Robert Dopp in 1989, and was originally founded to
support the racing industry for Capri’s. Over time it has evolved into a new and used parts business for
individuals wanting to do restoration work on their Capri. Under the same ownership, the business
continued to operate in Chandler, AZ from 2001 to 2016.

In 2017 the company moved to Ohio where it was purchased by Chris Reese and is operating under
Capri Parts USA, LLC. The mission of the company is to service Capri customers with new and used parts
as well as an extensive inventory of customized fiberglass components. As Capri’s are taking on a
historical status and parts are getting harder to procure, Capri Parts USA, LLC is working on developing
and manufacturing replacement parts.

In order to fulfill the goals to grow this company and provide quality service, a new e-commerce
webpage is now operational. Like many of the professional parts houses, you have the capability to
choose your product, checkout, and it will be shipped to your promptly. The site will be updated on a
regular basis, so please visit often. www.capripartsusa.com.